On the Track of the Death Valley Hippie Gang

Jim Pursell’s Harrowing Arrest of Charles Manson

Manzanar Internment Camp, Independence, CA
Jim Pursell at the Manson Trial, L.A. Superior Courthouse, 1970
Barker Ranch
Goler Wash
Squeaky Fromme (left) and Catherine Gillies (right) whose grandmother owned Myers Ranch (sister ranch to Barker), allowing Manson to use both properties in exchange for a Beach Boys gold record
Aerial view of Barker Ranch
Family members
Lotus Mine
Family members apprehended
The cupboard Jim Pursell spotted Charles Manson hiding in
Steve “Clem” Krogan
Manson’s mugshot after his arrest at Barker Ranch in Death Valley
Manson in L.A. after being transported from Death Valley

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