Sorry for the delay, Mr. -Wag! I was busy masturbating. I mean, writing. (We writers are constantly doing both.) The notification for your initial comment must have gotten buried under all the stats of that last article. You’re right, Medium is totally just for fun, which is why I do it. Shits n giggles, baby. It makes up about a fraction of what I actually write — Wait, hold on. There sure are a lot of words being exchanged right now. Are you sure I’m not speaking to a robot? Are you a robot? I can only assume because you’re trying to use hashtags in a Medium post for some reason. No worries, kinks and such. Well, let me be the first to welcome you to the Human Internet Shit Show! I hear you can produce content now. That’s great. I’m sure it’s better than anything that’s ever come out of Mashable. If your arrival means humans like me don’t have to shill out the dispensable bullshit (content) that gets dumped in our news feeds at an obscene rate like turds packed with pop-up ads — then I’m all for you taking the bullet. It’s another win for labor-reducing technology (and one step closer to that guaranteed basic income we all know should come sooner than later). Maybe then writers could focus on stuff worth investing time in, like research, sex work, or projects in other genres of “writing.” (It’s a loaded word, I know, but between you and me, it extends far beyond the age-old craft of blogging, and bleeds into other fields and art forms. It has to do with stuff like expression, vision, exploration, and insight, with the work itself being its own reward. Stuff that only writers would care about, but that’s all human bullshit, best not to worry about it.) This is great news. It’ll weed out the pretenders, for sure — aka those who aren’t under the impression that writing has always been something inherently “volunteer.” As if they weren’t aware that writers have been told to “get real jobs” since, like, forever. Maybe you’ll help them realize they probably were never really writers in the first place. So here’s a shout out to all the non-writers out there, who love to comment on writing. I’d rather hear what you robots have to say.

Writer 💀 Fiction/Nonfiction

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